Robert Lupu Weddings is a London wedding photographer who loves capturing your best day. We cover the whole London area and Uk.

Robert Lupu - London Based Wedding Photographer

I am a Wedding Photographer based in North West London, but I like to travel the world to capture the universal language – LOVE. I started in 2003 as an architectural and design photographer. As years passed I‘ve discovered that I like people most of all. I felt that I needed to capture moments that only a laugh or an eye bathed in tears of happiness could bring. This was the missing piece – the core that could‘ve changed the whole perspective of a picture.

I usually do a pre-wedding photography session (engagement session) because it‘s really important for me to establish a real connection with the future bride and groom. The pre-wedding session is what every couple needs before their wedding day. Those engagement stills help everyone to feel comfortable, and more importantly, to be confident that their wedding photos are going to be amazing.

As a professional photographer, I can‘t wait to document the wedding of your dreams. And to be proud that I contributed enthusiastic with my photography talent at making that dream even better. I can assure you that your wedding day is going to be the best memory and I‘ll be honored to tell everyone that I was your wedding photographer.


"We booked Robert Lupu to be our photographer at our engagement party and civil ceremony last year, and did not regret our choice. I had the pleasure of working alongside Robert, he is extremely passionate about photography, very professional, but he is also funny and energetic to be around. He listens to your thoughts and wishes for how you want the photographs to be, and he makes very good suggestions on how to improve your ideas and add creativity. Robert made us feel extremely relaxed on both occasions and made it fun for us too! We gathered the whole family for family pictures after the ceremony, and he brought out everybody’s smile. We also had a private photo session in a gorgeous courtyard before the ceremony , taking some amazing pictures that we will treasure forever. When we received the pictures on disc we were blown away, and we can truly say that he captured every very smallest detail. We can truly recommend Robert."

Danielle & Joe

Pre-Wedding Consultation

I believe it’s important to have an initial consultation so we get to know each other to help build comfort and rapport between us prior the the big day. We can go through the general process for shooting great wedding photography, talk about any likes or dislikes you might have and confirm the overall plan for the wedding day.

I am here to help and guide you along in any way I can.

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Pre-Wedding Photo Session

Every couple is different and this is not a bad thing. If we were all the same life would be boring.

During the pre-wedding photography session you not only have the chance to get to know my style prior to the wedding, but a chance to create some amazing pictures for your family and friends to enjoy in anticipation for your big day. For this to happen, we have the fun opportunity to experiment and bounce ideas off each other. Your creative input during the pre-wedding session is welcomed!

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Wedding Day

This is the most important day of your life and I am there to help you capture all those treasured memories. You deserve more than just simple photography, you the deserve attention to detail I put into every photo I take, to help create the story of your life.

The only thing you have to do is smile, look gorgeous and let me do the rest!

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After-Wedding Photography Session

Finally you can enjoy a more carefree experience as you won't need to worry about your dress or shoes getting dirty as the big day is behind you now. This is often the most creative session. Things can get more interesting with the photos being more vibrant as we can take advantage of your more relaxed and carefree vibe.

But why book an after wedding session? Well let me tell you, from experience shooting at hundreds of weddings, I’m sure your big day will be pretty busy as, no doubt, you’ll spend lots of time with your guests and enjoying yourself. Because of this you’ll struggle to find time for photography sessions on the day, not to mention of course the weather can be unpredictable and drastically restrict our options as well.

“Time" - this is the most stressful thing in life. Time is against us on a wedding day but on an after wedding session we’ll have time on our side and this time will be dedicated fully to you to ensure we can create the most beautiful photos possible.

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