Wedding in Rome


As an international wedding photographer, I always have had the chance to travel around the world for different photography projects, but this time found me in such a historical place like Rome. This by far was a very special wedding experience as a wedding photographer. When I took the job I was very excited about this wedding because in the first place it is in Rome and who doesn’t want to go to Rome? And in the second place I will love to share with you a personal secret, so let’s steak together till the end.

I love taking photos in places where picturesque views are blending with the mild sun and where the surroundings remember about the brave battles from Colosseum. The wedding was such a happy and energetic event! As you can see in my wedding pictures, you couldn’t resist the location, a restaurant surrounded by fountains and special wedding decorations, made you feel welcome aaaand wanted!


I was so happy to be the wedding photographer for my lovely wedding couple. I loved being part of their happiness and to see how many friends of them joined their wedding day. So many beautiful and young people, from all over Europe, came to their biggest life event, the wedding event! Everyone knew each other as they were friends from a young age. Also, many children embraced the wedding event with their happiness and giggles. Rome is by far one of the best places to make your wedding, the surrounding places are overwhelming, you will have a perfect wedding day!


On the other hand, the olive trees from the entrance gave to the whole place a mystic and romantic air which makes it a perfect place to celebrate and enjoy not only the evening but the entire life. As a photographer, I do not admire only the beauty of the decorations, but also the beauty of nature itself. I strongly do believe, that some cities around this world have been blessed with a wild and unique beauty. We traveled the next day to Tivoli for our wedding photo shooting. We had our adventurer spirit with us,

We traveled the next day to Tivoli for our wedding photo shooting.


We had our adventurer spirit with us, thing that helped us follow the steps of Catillus when he escaped Greece. We walked and I must let you know that you can’t do it without taking pictures of every street. The streets are full of Renaissance history and the couple easily integrated very well during the wedding photo shooting. The city has a lot of things to show, it’s full of energy and makes you feel its noblesse, while you’re walking and photographing it. I feel it’s the perfect city for romantic wedding photography, a place that will make your photos speak for themselves. We left those two cities but we kept the memory of such an amazing time and of course the wedding photos.


I am also very excited to share with you dear lover of wedding photography, that I
proposed my fiancé to marry me… She said Yes!

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